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Keva Coles-Benton was born on August 2, 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland. At a delicate age, she recognized her generational narrative as one worth improving–committing herself to creating a better path for her future children through her passion for scholarship. Like most young girls, she got lost in the sauce of low self-esteem, exaggerated influence from her peers, and trust issues. She was vulnerable and just wanted the world to "like her." But one thing she held true to was her love for school no matter how she felt.


Keva remains an Honor student through every part of her matriculation, graduating with her B.S. in Journalism from Morgan State University in 2017 and currently working on her MBA at University of Baltimore. She has a passion for writing, perfecting her twist-outs, her career in Marketing, food, school, and more food. She wants young people to know that it's cool to be in school and education is MUCH bigger than the classroom lessons. 


Keva attributes her experiences at Morgan State as a core contributor of her growth in her career, and her day-to-day journey as a Black woman seeking her corner of the world to improve. As a result of these sown seeds, Keva created the Be Your Own Beautiful Enterprise blog as a tool to share her story about how being the "nerd" of the class saved her from being a statistic.